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Tattoo Sleeve Ideas For Men

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas For Men – In This Video i show you some tattoo sleeves for men that you might want to consider getting in the future. but i felt like i had to add more then that. I also talk about some things you should consider when thinking and coming up with a tattoo sleeves ideas for men.

There is more to getting a sleeve then just thinking something is cool and wanting it on your body. It should be something that you really love and will love for all time. Consider these pieces of advice i give you when getting that beautiful piece of art that you will have on your arm.



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  2. I wanna tattoo my brother birthday on my forearm because he means the world to me.

  3. Do research obviously but get what u want tbh aslong as u love it

  4. All my tattoos, sleeves included are the history of my life…but my favorite one is the one my son tattooed on me when he was 7 years old

  5. I did a Dreamer tattoo on my inner wrist and I decided to do it just the night before, my recommendation is if you really like a tattoo u see or think of don't overthink it ofcourse it has to make sense because as he says it's staying on ur body for life so for me Dreamer represents that I should always aim for the best in life always dream to achieve what I want and work hard for it, I had the tattoo for about 2-3 days now and I just absolutely love it!

  6. That first ocean color sleeve that popped up while he was talking was sick ..man I want a sleeve but so scared of getting something wack

  7. Tattoos don’t have to have meaning, you can get whatever you want on yourself. Like, I want a pickle on my bicep, just because

  8. you edited this video wayyy to much with the cutting when taking

  9. I love da way ..when u said ..sentimental values…..it representd me. Thank u ..il start research n add some money to do it

  10. smart to get something with meaning, foreksample when you have been going trough years with pain and battle, you can get foreksample get a warrior tattoo, if you do this you can build a sleeve that hold deep meanings, and you will not regreet getting them, if you just find a random sleeve or tattoo cuz you think it looks cool, you might regreet getting them in the feature

  11. theres no tattoos just for men or women

  12. Bro. Dragonball z tattoo sounds sickkkk. SHare it with us? IG?

  13. I wanted to say thanks for stopping by the TubeBuddy stream yesterday and being a part of the BGJ community. But I was reviewing chat comments and I saw an area that you might really want to dig into if you haven't. A viewer asked "Do you have advice for dark skinned men?" <—huge potential discovery here. You have no playlist built around "Tattoo advice for dark skin" … I ran the numbers. It's a good one. Boom.

  14. I love looking at all my tattoos. Would like to get boxers on my forearms representing my struggles in life, which can eventually be expanded into a sleeve.

  15. your music background really sucks !!

  16. So i have a general style that i keep myself too (babylonian/nordic and Runic magic/luciferian sigils) which one of the is allready done and it looks stunning! now i have found an image of a woman holding up a challice with blood ("devils blood"/purple, pretty fucking amazing picture!) which is in a more realistic style, do you think i could ask my artist to combine these 2 together and make (half) a sleeve out of it? i want her to have freedom and make it as she wants but within certain boundaries, i think considering my lifestyle it should atleast show where im going towards and there should be a lot of chaotic stuff going on.

  17. Dragon ball z sleeve?…lol you should totally do that…what a douche

  18. Why does it have to mean something if you think a tattoo looks Beautiful and cool why not have it? it sounds fucking dumb to me it HAS to be a meaning in it.

  19. On my left arm I want real Nordic old Norse sleeve tattoo and on my right arm I want a Native newzealand Maori sleeve tattoo

  20. This is the most basic bitch shit I have seen for a long time.

  21. I got a super Mario tattoo, it’s a variation of a barb wire tattoo that wraps around my arm. However it’s a piranha plant so it looks like thorny vines around my arm. I got it simply because it has value to me. I’m a huge fan of the Mario series ever since I was a child. I would come home from school and play it with my older sister and dad on his old Super Nintendo. I still play almost every major release in the series. Yea it doesn’t signify anything important in my life or anyone in particular, it’s just an enemy from a game series I hold close to my heart. It kinda just shows my geeky personality I guess.

  22. Dang bro love these vids , keep up the vids

  23. I disagree with part of this. In my opinion a tattoo doesn’t have to have some big meaning. Mine mean nothing. I just love them and love the look. And I’m more than confident than I’m never going to regret my tattoos.

  24. Just get a lot of stuff you like and mash it up

  25. I laugh every time people say you gotta get something that means something to you. It sounds elitist. And to say nobody else will have it when someone could see it and get it as well. Just get something you like that looks good.

  26. Help us evolve ourselves? Lol

  27. Wanting a sleeve that has all of my favorite video characters on it. I think that would be nice.

  28. I'm getting mine in pieces in a sense. I have 2 different style bands on my left arm that I'm going to connect and extend off of. It saves you the hassle of getting it all at once and paying a huge price. Maybe it's more expensive this way in the end, as I've already spent $600 on the 2, but there is a ton of detail that went into them, and different pieces can represent different things. They dont really have any meaning on them, I just like the way they make me look. In the end, all these different designs, styles, and colors getting tied together will tell a bit of a story about me anyway. One thing I'm surprised you didn't mention in the video is color really. It looks like yours is that standard tattoo green throughout. Mine are black, with outlines of color. The red just seeping out from under the black looks really good for the design I went with on the first one

  29. im getting a scooby do sleeve done next month im hipped

  30. meaning isn't necessary. you can get tattoos just cuz you want art on your skin. aka me. lol

  31. I just got mine cause it looked sick

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