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Tattoo Artists Critique Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and More Celebrity Tattoos | GQ

We asked the hosts of Spike TV’s Ink Master to review and critique celebrity tattoos. From Justin Bieber’s tattoos and Chris Brown’s, to Rihanna’s tattoos and Nicki Minaj’s – Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck comment on the artisanship that went into these tattoos.


  1. Bang Bang tattooed that lion on Cara Delevingne finger

  2. Oliver out here spiting straight fire

  3. How would i contact someone thats been on the show .. I would love to email Ryan Adhley or DJ Tambe to see if i would be able to get my first tattoo done by one of them … If anyone happens to read this i would love some feedback 👍

  4. I was shock when cara came but I was waiting for zayn

  5. Oliver Peck telling it how it is.

  6. Jamie foxx got that tat to cover up his hair transplant scar

  7. Dude on the left is an OG hater 😂

  8. i feel like his comments on justin’s tattoos weren’t directed at the tattoos but more of a personal thing he has with justin himself lol. justin actually has some awesome tattoos defo showed the wrong ones

  9. How about avenged sevenfold tattoos

  10. Adam is a singer it makes sense to get it upside down if that’s the arm he holds the mike with

  11. Funny he said real tattoers have been wearing against hand Tattoos…when talking about Cara Delevingne….and if Bang Bang isnt a real one…

    Kind of funny these sorts of guys literally let the ego of a show and the publicity go to their head 🙄

  12. They don't know the history behind the lion finger tattoo morons

  13. am I the only one who HATES tattoo sleeves?


  15. Anyone else realized that mustache guy practically talked the whole time???

  16. Angelina is the only celebrity I like their tattoo most. I find hers meaningful to her life, well placed and look expensive.

  17. Can't believe Oliver Peck was married to Kat von d.

  18. Rihanna got her hand tat done in New Zealand the traditional way the Maori use to do it, so of course it isn’t going to be perfect. I’d like to see these artist try do it the way the Maori artist did Rihanna’s lol

  19. Toothpick, gross mustache.

  20. Whenever I see Chinese or Japanese tattoos I always think of Ariana Grande wanting '7 rings' but getting 'small Japanese barbeque'.

  21. 0:17 ليل واين عنده تاتو باللغه العربيه أمي على حاجبه الايسر Lilwayn have an arabian tattoo wrote on the left eyebrow Mother

  22. Take the stick out ya mouth u prick

  23. hands down Angelina jolie has the best tattoos 💕💕

  24. the one with the mustache looks like the giner dude in looney tunes that carries a gun and hunts for bugs bunny.

  25. Tattoo artist Bang bang did the Cara Delavigne tattoo if I spelled it right….they said it was trash….

  26. How dare you criticizing Justin’s Bieber tattoos, there are absolutely amazing that mustache guy have a big mouth and that doesn’t have really good tattoos

  27. Rihanna is just a gigantic walking bad decision…

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