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Best Tattoos In The World 2019 HD

In this video we invite you to watch our new compilation of best tattoos in the world of March 2019. If you like different tattoo styles or you are looking for unique design watch this video till the end an find your own inspiration. And don’t forget to let us know in the comments who is your favorite tattoo artist?!
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  1. 1:58 no outlines like none, + 99% of theses tattoos gonna look so bad in a couple months I would like to see them in a year and laugh how much its gonna be the ''best in the world'' This generation with all these instagram tattoo I swear

  2. Notice how every person has very fair skin

  3. Does everyone in 2019 have a lion with a crown, owl, compass and a clock

  4. I feel like some of these were drawn on

  5. I just realized something. Black people probably cant get colored tattoos right? Or maybe they can but they probably dont look the same. That sucks man, just another shitty thing about being colored

  6. The video is titled best tattoos in the world the very first tattoo is s***

  7. A lot of money to look ridiculous or promoting a movie.

  8. My sister has a lot of tattoos I have none so I really have no room to speak. However, my best friend was getting his tattoo and the tattoo artist, who is really legit, had sleeves. However, men have arm hair and to show off true art and if one has hairy arms I would avoid or be dedicated to shaving.

  9. When you say best, does it need to be realistic?

  10. Just got done watching a bad tattoo video so I had to look at good ones to clear my memory

  11. Music was cancer some of the tatts were strait up shit.

  12. Nice Tatts… But annoying background music!

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  14. Check out @blackartemtattoo om Instagram

  15. That was a world class art…

  16. Hey I was thinking of getting a spider web across my face, what do you think?

  17. White people take color so well

  18. Now I wouldn't say the best tattoos in the world but they are awesome work something to be proud to most definitely

  19. most of them look enhanced somehow

  20. Can you make a full video of owl tattoo in arm like in the photo after you click the video please

  21. best in the world?…. ok some are good, but the music SUCKS eh?

  22. awesome tattoos and video! keep it up!

  23. Photoshopped and filtered No possible way the colors read so vibrantly and with such perfect opacity. Filtered lies.

  24. Beautiful!!!
    Nice tattoos!!!

  25. dont look like tattoos, looks like photos……

  26. wow, nice video, and cool tattoos

  27. Thanx for listing the Artist! Thats why ur Tattoo site is best period!

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